old glass bottles

  1. Civil war site finds, need ID and info on some

    Hey all, I recently found out about an old Civil War hospital site back in the woods near my town. It's now just a pile of bricks, but I found LOTS of glass and some iron, and possibly a button. I asked a metal detectorist friend once what the white porcelain fragments are and he said "a good...
  2. No Gold, but found a few old bottles at old home site

    I went to different freshly excavated lot , again. The old tin roof from the demolished wood clad house was strewn everywhere, so that made metal detecting very difficult for this novice hunter:dontknow: . Empty handed, and on my way back to the car as I was leaving I just found these glass...
  3. Started Out Looking For Crystals, But Ended Up Finding Something Else

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