old school

  1. Went to a1800's site FOUND BOTTLES!!!

    Hello! I went detecting in a park that had an old one room school house in the 1800's. I didn't find anything metal worth keeping but I found these bottles. The green one isn't that old I don't think... or the brown one with the screw on top (I think it's just a modern beer). But the other brown...
  2. Newer Isn't Always Better

    While I was at our Brownwood Public Library today, I decided to check out their computer card catalog for books about "treasure". I was surprised to find several on the subject that are decades old. I read most of them many years ago. I checked out 3 of them for old time's sake - "Let's...
  3. Gold dredge works?

    Who knows the http://www.golddredgeworks.net and the http://www.golddredgeworx.com/ products?