Gold dredge works?


The first link IS NOT a link, it opens a PDF file!

Second link opens an apparently inactive 1979 ad page.

Vagado, this is the third site I've seen you post these links on. How about you post an updated web-page complete with clickable links and currant phone number & address... Please.

I doubt that web page is from 1979, the page says they have been building dredges since 1979.
It may be an old page but it ain't that old!
Apple computers were not even on the market then, very few personal computers were available and the internet pages what few there were, rarely had pictures or color back grounds ( it took more memory than even most G'ment facilities had). Just black and white text was the norm.

BTW...the second link opened to an active site for me.

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Well then shame on me for trying to keep other miners from being taken by what looks to be a scam-site.
In the future I'll try to refrain from helping anyone here.
My apologies...

Well, with those prices it's definitely not from 1979!! Lol

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