1. Finds This Year - Opal, Magnetite & More

    I don't post much here anymore because I am so busy, but I thought I'd share some cool finds so far this year. I am a dealer in Japan and come back to California to dig & buy every 2 months. Spencer Opal - been on a binge for Spencers. The opal banding and the nodules the come in are awesome...
  2. Petrified wood and some sort of stone tool

    Hi there, I'm wondering if someone could help with a couple things. I was searching for petrified wood just south of Ellensburg, WA and ended up finding quite a bit. When I went home and washed it all, I realized a few pieces were some sort of stone tool. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the...
  3. Old rockhounds collection... any ideas?

    Hey all, I'm new to this site, just joined because I have a question.. There is an old man here in my town in Rural America, who has been rockhounding since the age of "6" and will be 87 this fall. Unfortunately, his health has taken a turn and he'll be moving into a home here shortly. I fear...
  4. Unexpected Silver and Gold Ring.

    Genuine opal. Not Stamped. Any idea on age? Probably modern but was found in a wooded area that was accessed around 1900-1920. Please speak your minds.
  5. One-Time Collectibles - "Treasures of the Appalachians..."

    Here is a link to me and my partners website. We are placer miners who hunt for gemstones, minerals and gold. Thanks for looking! :icon_thumleft: One-Time Collectibles Website
  6. Road Side Find: 1 Common & 1 Uncommon

    Just a few Images of some of the stones I find while walking to and from the Library.. Image: Common limestone (Host Stone) with well formed crystal noduals.. Image: Very Uncommon Find.. This petrified Wood has turned opalized in some areas..