1. Revolver cylinder mark?

    To me this looks like a revolver cylinder. It is on a large flat slab on the ground. Any other ideas as to what it is or was used for? It has a piece of metal in the middle.
  2. Tesoro Outlaw Depth Problems

    Hey guys I have a Tesoro Outlaw which I bought used that has an issue with its depth. During air tests it will sometimes pick up a penny at around six to 7 inches and then it would have trouble picking it up at 2 inches! Now it seems when I turn the machine on it can't pick up penny sized...
  3. Broken Outlaw

    I got my Outlaw today and it is broken. Now I'm thinking of just sending back in trade for the Vaquero. What do y'all think? I have used the Vaq and i don't really care for the 8x9 concentric coil. Anyone here like the Vaq Black? I might consider it and order a separate coil with it. The outlaw...

    Howdy!, I have known of these rock letters for a long time. I always assumed it was just someones initials from the year 1955. But after some research I realized there may be a chance it is more. It may be 19 SS DB HW (WH) 55 . This is why I have decided to post on this forum and hopefully find...
  5. šŸ’µ FOR SALE For Sale Tesoro Outlaw - 3 Coil Package (3 months old)

    Tesoro Outlaw $460 w/Warranty I have a 3 month old Tesoro Outlaw (3 coil pack) for $460 paypal plus 3%. It is boxed and ready for shipping. Included are original box, owners manual, unsigned warranty card, detector, 3 coils, 3 coil covers, 3 lower shafts with wing nuts. Condition of detector is...
  6. Kellyco is proud to present the ALL NEW Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector

    Kellyco is proud to present the ALL NEW Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector! This brand new machine comes with with 3 Coils! Click the link below for more information: Tesoro Outlaw with 3 Coils Metal Detector For Sale - Kellyco Metal Detectors