Tesoro Outlaw Depth Problems


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Mar 30, 2015
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Hey guys I have a Tesoro Outlaw which I bought used that has an issue with its depth. During air tests it will sometimes pick up a penny at around six to 7 inches and then it would have trouble picking it up at 2 inches! Now it seems when I turn the machine on it can't pick up penny sized objects until its about 1 inch from the coil( the coil is the stock 8 inch donut).I understand that this machine has manual ground balance. I have also used this machine quite a few times on the field and did pick up some shallow coins but recently it's been very chattery and falsing out a lot too no matter what I do with the ground balance. Am I using the machine right? Or does the machine have an issue that Tesoro will have to fix? Thanks.

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Have you called the factory and described your problems? That would be my first suggestion. :icon_thumright:

I'd determine if the battery is up to snuff before doing much else. I've been bamboozled a time or two because the new, replacement battery gave the same puzzling actions as the older because it wasn't good, either.

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