park finds

  1. Noob Finds First Coin in Town Park

    Well, I did it.. I took out my new (slightly used) Equinox 600 and Garrett Pro Pinpointer & went to my town park. I chose one of the many stately old oaks and somewhat self consciously began searching for the treasure that surely awaits...:zoom: After about 10 minutes, the machine registered a...
  2. First ring find of the year and first Wheatie - video

    Hi all, I finally got around to getting a new video published to share with you all so feel free to like and subscribe. More to come too! :icon_thumright:
  3. Unidentifiable Find??? Any help???

    I found this in a SE Florida intracoastal park that has been around since the 1960's. I also found multiple coins from the 60's-90's. I'm not sure of the metal type. It's roughly 1"x 5" and appears to have the numbers 6 5 marked on it and possibly faces. Any input would be appreciated!
  4. AT Pro Nails 1855 Half Cent at 8"

    1855 half cent. Kinda trashed. Just feels good to be back out there after a long winter. Rang in as a solid 85 for all you AT Pro guys out there. It's about a nickel sized copper. Beautiful coin. Found it where Knox camped while bringing cannons to Washington at Bunker Hill. Obviously this coin...
  5. been detecting the park near my house for a couple of weeks now and heres my finds

    heres the totals of what i found 66 pennies (oldest 1972 .....9 copper 57 zinc) 6 nickles (oldest 1983) 22 dimes (oldest 1976) 10 quarters (oldest 1970) total clad value= $5.66 i just started about 2 months ago so this is also the total of all the clad ive found