1. Radio signal blocked

    I am from philippines I have encountered a large flat piece of rock or cement that block block the signal of radio and cellphone and when a friend of mine went close his phone got fired is there a treasure underneath it? What could have cause it The site was near where i was digging I have...
  2. Asian Loot Inventory

    Attached file is the possible Asian Loot Inventory scattered around Southeast Asia like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia but the BULK of it is in the Philippines. This is the reason why so many foreigners are coming to the Philippines to search for the hidden treasures of the Japanese. A few...
  3. Japan's Finest Hours in the Pacific

    Watch the video of Japan's Finest Hours in the Pacific courtesy of Kings & Generals Facebook Page. * Credits to the owner
  4. Need help on my Map.

    Please contact me on my email: [email protected]
  5. Dangers on the Islands

    I post this for those especially going first time to the Philippines as a heads up on some things to be careful of. 1.Health--mosquitoes can carry dengue fever which has no medication to prevent it so sleep if possible under a net.Many roaming dogs have not been vaccinated against Rabies so I...
  6. How to melt a Japanese Concrete? - Treasure Spot Help me decode


    Hello! We are looking for treasure hunters to join our team on a new television series. We are the company behind Coopers Treasure. If interested please email me at- [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you.
  8. Good day! new here

    Good day everyone, Dell here, 31, I'm a local metro manila, Philippines Gold Buyer/ Buyer's Mandate. Have a Blessed day.
  9. Need Help!! 200 Treasure Maps from WWII

    Hi everyone, My hobby is searching for Yamashita Treasure from WWII in the Philippines. I have come across 200 small maps indicating "Targets". I have scanned the red square area with 3 different scanners and have all located metal, precious metal and AU, though I have not dug it yet. The...
  10. NEED help on this one , thank you.

    good day sir. i really need help on this frog shape stone. is it a marker of any sort or does it mean something please help. thank you in advance. does this resemble yamashita markers or something. really dont have a clue. we got this six feet below ground.
  11. found heart shaped

    hi! i found this symbol in the upper portion of a falls, a whole and some markings....any interpretation is highly regarded. Thanks....Baguio City - Philippines
  12. Looking to cover a Yamashita Treasure Hunt for a story

    Aloha everyone, I'm researching doing a few Yamashita treasure hunts for a story on the island of Luzon. I am not actually interested in finding treasure for myself, but for your story. Your families history in the Philippines, the signs, maps, stories, past hunts, adventures. I'm especially...
  13. Katana, possibly from the Philippines

    I have a sword my grandfather gave to me, I'm curious what it is. I don't know much about swords, so sorry if I'm not providing enough info. I measured it, the blade is just under 27 inches in length and the hilt is about 9 inches in length. It looks like a katana, but I could be mistaken. The...
  14. Hunter - Mindanao, PH

    Based in Davao Del Norte - We own; (removed by mod for rule violations. You must be supporting vendor to advertise here) Daaghang Selamat Po, Thank you,
  15. Project site north of Clark.

    Hi All, have a site north of clark, anyone around there or interested drop me a line. [email protected] or pm here. happy hunting