1. Are these stone markings? Can someone decipher the same?

  2. Blessings and Peace

    Blessings and Peace

    whats in the sand
  3. Pirates and slave ships

    Slave ships often became victims of pirates. If we follow the routes of the slave ships we will find pirate ships and if we search for pirate ships we find slave ships. Here is a deposition, made by a ship's carpenter who became a pirate and jumped ship, when he got his first chance do do it.

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  5. Another Tampa Bay Pirate

    This sounds like a Dr. L. Frank Hudson story - another Tampa Bay pirate. A pirate who navigated the Gulf and Atlantic waters at the same time as Lafitte was Frenchman Luis Aury. Though best known for his capture and occupation of Amelia Island with Gregor McGregor in 1817, Aury is supposed to...
  6. Any lost treasure stories Santa Catalina Island

    Well, I'm not expecting to find a buried pirate's bounty all though I've heard it was a stopping point for a few pirates so I think I will try my luck with a day metal detecting the local beach. in Avalo:skullflag::laughing7:[ATTACH=CONFIG]130636
  7. Jose Gaspar - A Real Pirate?

    Was there really a pirate named Jose Gaspar? I have never found any real evidence he lived. Does anyone found evidence to the contrary? Was he a real pirate? Just for an example, I did not find any reference to such a person in The Pirates of the New England Coast 1630-1730 by Dow and...
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    I can't believe I finished this thing finally... especially living in Hawai'i. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to stay inside. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/33754 How I Became a Real Pirate (and what further crimes I intend to commit...) By: Michael T. Dodd - eBook - Kobo Enjoy...
  9. Tortuga Island!

    Hello everyone. im new in the web. ive been metal detecting from a few months now. I live in dominican republic Im planning a trip to tortuga island. ( thats an island in north haiti, where pirates used tu hide and live back in the 16th and 17th century) the island in totally virgin, there...
  10. Marshfield, MA house w/Pirate Tunnel?

    Howdy! This is my very first post here. I just discovered this site, as I am very new to this hobby. I had *no* idea how many skills this hobby requires to be done right: history, maps, red-tape... OMG... But it's right in my wheel-house. I *love* research and history and am lucky enough to...