Marshfield, MA house w/Pirate Tunnel?


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Jul 26, 2012
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Howdy! This is my very first post here. I just discovered this site, as I am very new to this hobby. I had *no* idea how many skills this hobby requires to be done right: history, maps, red-tape... OMG... But it's right in my wheel-house. I *love* research and history and am lucky enough to be living in New England so there's a bunch of it beneath my feet. With that in mind:

When my husband and I were house shopping here, south of Boston, in Marshfield, MA, the RE agent mentioned that there was a house here that had a tunnel underneath it that pirates used to use to run and hide (or some such thing) but the point was, there was a house, with a tunnel, used for quick exits... and I seem to remember thinking she specifically mentioned pirates.

Does anyone know anything about this? Any of the legends surrounding it? Names? Specific events? Time periods? Anything?

THANK YOU in advance.

Welcome to another woman treasure hunter!

I lived on the South Shore (Quincy) for 30+ years before moving north. I have family who own a house in Green Harbor and I'll ask if they've ever heard of the "pirate" house. Why not contact the RE agent and ask her if she knows where it is or has any more info (could this just have been a sales ploy to make Marshfield sound more "romantic/mysterious")? Check your local historical society. They may have info on the house, especially if it is a well known legend in town. Talk to the old timers around town, they can be a wealth of info (you may just permission to hunt their properties as a benefit!). Check the local newspapers and the town library for any books written about town history. I don't think the Patriot Ledger would have anything, but it never hurts to try. Can't think of anything else at the moment, but if I do think of something else, I'll post again.

Have you tried metal detecting at the Marshfield Fairgrounds? Fairgrounds can be awesome places to hunt. You can find lots of coins (old and new), jewelry, cell phones, basically anything metal than can be lost. Fresh drops are found just after the fair leaves. Old stuff you will dig deeper for.

Good luck with your hunting! Keep us posted if you find any more info on the pirate house. Welcome again to TNet and this awesome hobby.


THANK YOU for the lovely reply!

I'm sorry I was tardy thanking you. I'm at the end of a VERY busy summer - not least because I'm Mom to 3 teenage girls.

Here's what I've learned about the house I inquired about: My memory was right, sort of. It was a Captain's house. My husband remembered the story and we both know where it is, and I've since bought a ton of old books on Marshfield and done a bunch of online research (Research, research, research!) and have come to the conclusion that I will have to do the thing I hate most... ASK. I believe it is private property and surrounded by private property and I just can't bring myself to ask. I really really really hate the idea. I'm sure I'm going to have to get over it if I want to maintain my hobby...

I'm about to post some pix of my very first finds because for the life of me I have no idea what they are.

THANK YOU again.


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Here's the link to some finds I need help identifying. Junk (surely) but HEAVY and my curiosity is killing me ->

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Oh! And I forgot to ask - Is that really okay to hunt the fairgrounds after they leave? Really? Because that was one of the first places I thought of hunting and it's going on right now. Have you done it?

The house could of been part of the underground railroad to get slaves to canada, or it was used in smuggling operations,bootlegging and such.I live in Fascistchusettes also and actually im not positive where marshfield is lol having never needed to go there. One hint is every town that ends in field use to be native american farming could be there to escape indian attack depending on how old the house is. If marshfield is inland,away from a boatable river or inlet i rather doubt pirates would risk traveling inland to much.Researching the massachusettes underground railroad would be your best bet.But you never know.

i have been told by three different individuals that there was a tunnel running from the front of my property underneath the main road in front of my home according to them it was not a crudely dug tunnel by was lined with brick or tiles - it disappeared in the early 1960's according to them, have no idea what it was used for have not been able to find any information on old maps regarding its existence?

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