quarter error

  1. Is this a 1982 quarter error?

    Would anyone happen to know if this quarter is worth anything? It looks like an error to me, but I know nothing about coins lol
  2. 1982 D Quarter

    Is this an error on this Quarter or is this just normal? The 9 is short and is laying on the rim as well as the other numbers in the year 1982. The "I" (In God We Trust) also touches the rim of the quarter. I have another photo from eBay attached as well for an example (pictured without the...
  3. Quarter with very worn date??

    June 6 - Yesterday I Went thrift shopping across town and payed only in cash. Of course I’d get coin change back, so I looked through my change afterward and found this strange quarter with a very worn out date. The rest of the quarters condition was au 55 or very fine. It is a 1997...
  4. Error Quarter or just a beat up Washington??!!

    Dug this 85 D Washington awhile back. Noticed it looked chewed up at first but then started getting into coin errors of late and just wanted some opinions before I disregard it! Thanks!
  5. 1972 D Washington Quarter, Filled Mint Mark?

    Would this be considered a "filled in" mint mark? Most of the same year/mint quarters have a normal D mark that I've found online. There were also a few that had the same type of D marked as the quarter in the photos I posted. Thanks for the help guys!