1. Quarter Kruzer

    When there’s no Gold, and you have a Gold Kruzer…. Hunt shallow quarters at the park, 2 inches or less. Quarter total from 2 local parks, July ‘22. $10.25 + 1 Silver Standing Liberty
  2. Gas money

    Made a quick stop by HEB for a few groceries, got my first luck of 2022. 20.91 in total Hoped for silver to be in the mix but there was none :/ Even though I've asked this question in the past I still don't get how CS users miss the tray :icon_scratch: Happy hunting everyone :occasion14:
  3. 1976 d bicentennial quarter business strike

    Hello all! What would you wonderful people rate this coin at? Id say look at all the MS68s before you give your answer. And im also wondering why they arent grading them any higher than that?
  4. First week MD backyard finds

    Trying to get the feel of my metal detector (B H Discovery3300) in my backyard. Was really surprised what I found and how deep they were. Top and bottom of a sardine can. Crystal marble Nails and other metal 2 penny's 2 quarters (1997 and 1983) both pretty deep 8 inches or so 1 dime (1978) Also...
  5. Random First Time Find

    Awesome Day out Metal Detecting, So may outstanding finds!
  6. 3 Quarters - 1952 + 1962 + 1963 in a Paperweight

    I'm giggling because I bought this paperweight for 10 cents. Funny thing is that it has 3 shiny new quarters in it. 1952 + 1962 + 1963. It made money sense to me. Paperweight says: " MCA, Mechanical Contractors Association, Three Quarters of a Century of Progress, Chicago, Ill May, 1964"...
  7. Not a bad day

    With the AT Pro. I found 58 quarters, 14 dimes only because I stopped digging them. The nickles and the pennies are still in the ground. Someone musn't of hit this place in 10 to 15 years. I know there is no silver but I have some battery money. Going back in the am if my neck doesn't have...
  8. "stoner" kid buys chips & soda with 13, 1964 quarters and now theyre mine

    "stoner" kid buys chips & soda with 13, 1964 quarters and now they're mine My girlfriend has been working PT at a big name convenience store and last night a young kid came in that looked pretty baked and put a Mountain Dew Red on the counter with some Takis chip type snacks. He then pulled out...
  9. Quarters Quarters and more Quarters!

    Me and Dale32 took our MDs out to a disclosed location yesterday. It started out average, a few dimes, pennies, quarters. Then out of no where we hit the jackpot. In about 15 minutes we found a total of 98 quarters! Can't wait to go back. Why do you think there were than many quarters there? Any...
  10. Coin Roll Hunting Styles, Techniques and Pitfalls

    I've been around the CRH scene for a few months now, and have been a lurker of the scene since 2009. In that time, I have noticed there are a few different techniques that the pros use to get silver, and some pitfalls to them. I will list what I see, and feel free to post yours. 1. High volume...
  11. Five silver quarters walk into a coin shop...

    And since I just came into some cash, and because they were so pretty and clean and shiny, I bought them for myself instead of for the coin shop (with the bosses permission) Paid $20 for the 5 A pic will follow but I needed to start this post before I could upload from my phone.