relic and coin

  1. ... one day

    Hit a new spot today... I'd say it was a good choice. Finds include a 1895 indian head penny, blue cobalt medicine bottle made in Nashville and a few nice buckles!
  2. 1910 house

    My family is purchasing a house from 1910 the house is still there along with a lot of newer modern junk and scrap where would be some good places to find more valuable items in and around the house any help or info would be great thanks
  3. True Whigs of 76 & 34 Button find

    So, I mostly hunt for coins and jewelry. I have not been bitten by the relic bug. I have seen many videos about relic hunting and they just don't interest me. That being said, I may be ready to change my mind about relic hunting. On Sunday, I was hunting a local school looking for coins and...
  4. Bali and metal detecting?

    Hey guys this post may be a bit unique as I’m going to Bali for a long stint coming up in 2018 and will be bring my CTX to hunt those lush beaches. However, I’m not as passionate about beach hunting as I am relic hunting and I’m not sure what I might discover in Bali deep in the Indonesian...

    Hey guys! Found this awesome George V metal while detecting yesterday. It is one of my best finds and the best find of 2016 so far! :headbang: