True Whigs of 76 & 34 Button find


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Sep 28, 2016
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So, I mostly hunt for coins and jewelry. I have not been bitten by the relic bug. I have seen many videos about relic hunting and they just don't interest me. That being said, I may be ready to change my mind about relic hunting. On Sunday, I was hunting a local school looking for coins and jewelry. I was using the Equinox 800 and digging mostly high tones. About 3 hours into my hunt, I got a high tone with a 21 VDI. I'm thinking another penny, most likely a pre '82 memorial cent. Cut and flip the plug, pinpoint the item and out pops a button. Since the spot I am hunting is right next to the school bus loading area, I figured it was from some kids coat but, something was telling me to take a closer look when I get home.

After dinner that night, I pull out my finds and start sorting them. The button is still nagging me. I clean it (a little) with a soft toothbrush and some warm water. I am now able to make out the writing on the front.......E Pluribus Unum 1834. There is writing on the back, but I cannot make it out.

Monday morning roles around I decide to look at the back again. If I hold the button just right, I can make out True Wh?? 76 & 3?. So, I Google the term and find out it is a political party. The True Whigs of 76 & 34. The party was only active from 1834 - 1860, but 2 of their members were US Presidents, Harrison and Taylor.

I have been unable to find a picture of this button online, so I am not sure if it is valuable or not. Either way it is pretty cool.

Hope you relic hunters can appreciate the button. Does any of you know a website that I can do a little more research on it?

Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting.


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Wow, that's an awesome button. A lot of history there.Congrats :occasion14:

Congratualtions! :occasion14:

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