ring find

  1. Best Metal Detecting Day So Far!! SILVER Galore!!!!!

    Well, well, well... Today was a good day! :icon_thumright: Here is my most worn Newfoundland five cent; no date visible, but King Ed. :laughing7: 1959 Canadian dime. :thumbsup: Girl scouts button? 1941 Newfoundland "Smallie" one cent (Found this in a place people hung out in the...
  2. Using Fisher F 22 was not impressed with it

    Short hunt looking for lost wedding ring with f22 and Tejon detectors.
  3. Gold is where you find it !!!

    At the edge of where some de-construction work had occurred I was a hunting today. An area I had not searched much till today. Glad that I did and was willing to dig on that pull-tab signal. So without further adieu here it is ...