1. Soviet Overcoat?

    I'm a little stumped on exactly what type of overcoat this is. I just picked it up from an antique flea market. Obviously it's Soviet, but does anyone know from what era? Was it for officers or high ranking military personnel? If someone could help shed some light on this it'd be much appreciated!
  2. ✅ SOLVED old coin need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is an old coin i found in some of my grandmothers things and need help identifying what it is. I believe that this coin is Russian because of some of the letters are written backwards which is characteristic of the Russian the Cyrillic alphabet. From what I can tell the date is 1?88 the...
  3. Found today: Soviet Russian Soldier Hat with Medals and Patches.

    Fount it at the recycle thrift store. I can't tell if its a cool souvenir or the real deal because it's really clean. Any guesses?