san francisco

  1. Camp Marion at San Francisco

    Hello, I picked up this at an auction a while ago. On the back, it is hand written, "Camp Marion at San Francisco" And it is stamped, Sutro Heights Gallery, San Francisco. I can't find any information on it. Anyone know when this camp existed or where it was specifically? Thanks!!
  2. Old ship anchor

    I got this anchor at a garage sale a couple years ago. I don't know much about it. The markings say "SF" and "5-43". Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco Medal/Fob 50 dollar slug

    Best fob I have dug, 1850, 50 dollar slug.I'll
  4. info on mding

    info on md'ing I have family living in the east bay area and am here for a week or so. of course my md is in the car but I am not familiar with the laws here. I have heard that you need a permit. Can domeone shed some light on the matter? I am travelling the San Leandro, Oakland area and over...
  5. Hello from San Francisco!

    Hello from San Francisco, CA. I'm only 19, but have been finding treasures since I was about 5. It started out with finding obsidian flakes in the Sierras, then escalated to arrowheads :) My late grandfather was mildly obsessed with Native American culture and collected baskets and arrowheads...
  6. Any Treasure Hunters in North or South San Francisco Bay?

    Hi, I am a recent resident of Marin County and am looking for any hunters in the area to...well...hunt with. I don't know how to dive yet, but have been wanting to learn. Other than that I am a pretty strong guy, a quick learner, and fairly handy with most tools. If you're from around San...
  7. Greetings from San Francisco

    Hello Folks, I'm a San Francisco novice treasure hunter.. although the itch has been in my blood from the time I was a wee one. I'd like to buy my first metal detector soon. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My budget is under 200. I'm looking forward to finding some great stuff and...