1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Possible meteorite

    Found a few months ago in Central Scotland, I'm taking this a specialist rock shop in Glasgow on Saturday and if they can't give me much information on it then I will be going home to cut into it and find out what's inside, any help is appreciated
  2. Identification - quartz and hematite?

    I found this on a beach near Otter Ferry, Scotland. I'm inexperienced at identification so I was hoping someone else knew the answer. To me it looks like quartz with some sort of iron/hematite in the middle, but what do I know? :laughing7: I'm particularly interested in what the brown wavy stuff...
  3. Quartz, iron?

    I spotted this on a beach near Otter Ferry, Scotland. I can only assume it's quartz with hematite or something inside, but I'm new to identifying minerals and such so not really sure how to figure this stuff out.
  4. Hammered Coin I found

    While out searching with my friend I found this hammered coin. It's in pretty good condition and would like to know it's exact date. Was pretty happy when I found it :)
  5. Any help identifying this rock.

    Hi folks, this is my first post (and its from my phone) so apologies if it doesn't work. I found this rock in a piece of shale the other day and was wondering if anyone knows what it is. It is quite heavy for its size, it weighs 500 grams. Any info would be great thanks in advance.
  6. Plane crash at Prestwick Jan 1st 1955

    Hello from America, I found this article that may interest you guys. A plane carrying 6 tons of diamonds crashed at this airport in 1955. "London, Sat: Diamond experts today found many diamonds in the charred wreckage of the British Stratocruiser which crashed at Prestwick Airport on Christmas...