silver dimes


    Got 3 Silver Dimes out of 1 Dime Box ☺ 1941 Merc 1957 RoSierra Dime & a 1949 Rosie!
  2. $20,000-$30,000 worth of dimes searched coinroll hunting (1/01/2014), to 2/10/2014)

    I started coinroll hunting dimes around the first of January, 2014, after having good luck coinroll hunting for cents, only doing 15-20 boxes of cents finding a 1859 cent in VF, and a 1891 cent in VG, I also did only 5-10 rolls of nickels (yes, 5-10 rolls), and found half a roll of uncirculated...
  3. Video-Finally Got to Hunt and Hit a Silver Dime Grand Slam!!!

    I know it is been several months since I have been able to post anything. We are still in the process of moving and the internet service here is none at best. I haven't time to get out much and the hunts I have went on there was not much left. So I went back to my old way of hunting instead of...