1. What the fossil are these?

    Here is another find from the Bloomington, Indiana area. It was covered in moss in the woods a little ways from Indian creek. I thought it was a geode because of the unusual shape, but once I started soaking it to dissolve the rock, I realized it was a fossil. Now to just figure out what kind...
  2. Help Identifying Smooth Metalic Silver Mineral/Nugget... (Found in Colorado River)

    I was hiking through a riverbed and pond in Colorado at 8000ft and found this shining at the bottom. I would love some help identifying what it may be. Silver Metallic Color Smooth and Textured Weight: 1.40 grams Does not appear to be Magnetic Thanks for the help! Best Wishes.
  3. Minelab E-Trac and when to use smooth response

    I'm very new to metal detecting and while I know there are some really good finds in my yard, it is full of dumping holes for nails and other metal trash. I've been on the quest for a way to sift the trash and after countless articles, videos, etc. I found this blog from a guy in Australia...