What the fossil are these?


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Dec 8, 2020
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Here is another find from the Bloomington, Indiana area. It was covered in moss in the woods a little ways from Indian creek. I thought it was a geode because of the unusual shape, but once I started soaking it to dissolve the rock, I realized it was a fossil. Now to just figure out what kind. Any information would be much appreciated!
The second was found on the creek and was just smooth and white except for the circle where it was grey from the clay. I soaked and cleaned it and it looks like a little skull maybe?


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Unfortunately your pictures are badly out of focus. The ridges on the edge of the first specimen look like they might be shell-debris... perhaps from brachiopods. I don't think the second specimen is a fossil, whether skull or otherwise. It looks to me like a quartz-related pebble that has a 'pot-lid' fracture of the kind usually related to frost-exposure.

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Ok. Thank you so much for the response. I apologize for the focus! My camera isn't the greatest.

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I agree with Red-Coat (usually!) that the first image appears to be the edges of Brachiopods (ancient clams). Can't tell if there is anything fossil-like in the next two images.


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���� Totally just amended my own post when I was not seeing the same thing for what it is.... on 4 of the same thing!!! Now I am older and wiser. The top one is a blastoid, or maybe a cluster of them. The star shapes give it away. They’re anemone type deals that look like fat flowers.
The black one is a “petal” from above, middle is most of one seen from the bottom with star-shaped stem in the center, egg shaped one is 2 “petals” from the side.

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Great I.D on the fossils posted above guys. :thumbsup:

As a suggestion for next time, for more opinions, you can also post your fossil questions here... Artifact Forums

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