1. ✅ SOLVED Small mounted toy soldiers

    Found these two small figures while detecting a home built in 1940. They are metal (not sure what kind of metal) and about an inch tall and long. I do not know if they were game pieces or part of a collection of toy soldiers. Curious as to what their purpose was (game piece or toy), the...
  2. Bag of Mixed Civil War Uniform Buttons

    Found: 4 buttons marked: Virginia Sic Semper Tyrannis; on back: Waterbury Co's Conn 4 buttons: Eagle and stars; on back: Superior Quality 1 button: Anchor and 3 Stars; on back: Firmin & Sons, London 1 button: Profile of man. Text: "Docendo Discimus Exnihilo Nihil Fit" which translated means...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Need help with toy metal soldier

    I dug up this metal (lead?) toy soldier from a 1910 homesite in Indiana. The bottom of the figure is marked (I think) "Made in England." My questions include- 1- Does this represent a British soldier? 2- What war would this be depicting? (Most items found detecting were from the 1940's, but...