spanish treasure

  1. Nailed IT Galleon treasure

    another great Find from the honey hole:headbang:! I will take it in for authentication.... but man it looks right.
  2. Blessings and Peace

    Blessings and Peace

    whats in the sand
  3. I hope I've picked the right forum for this. Has anyone heard of a find of bars in...

    Has anyone heard of a find of bars of gold-silver amalgam in a cave in the US? I recently read about this story and wanted to find it because my dad is interested in reading up on it. A fellow actually found this treasure. According to news reports the find consisted of bars of a mix of gold...
  4. Capt. Billy Rawson’s Book Just Published On Amazon

    Fifty-five years in the making, Captain Billy Rawson's "Weed, Whackos and Spanish Treasure" is the 475 page memoir of one sea captain’s survival in a world where nothing is ever solidly grounded and the only border is the open horizon. Spanning the 1980s to the present, and set across the...
  5. Bahamas Help - Please! Where's the Famous Silver Bar?

    Ahoy! Does anyone know the present location of the famous "Thompson-Lightbourn" 70 lbs. silver bar once on display in Nassau? Found off Gorda Cay in the 1950's, for many years it was open to public view at The Development Board. I understand The Development Board is no longer in business...
  6. Naturallly Occuring Formation OR Manmade Treasure Marker/Sign?

    Natural occurring or weathered formation?
  7. Treasure Coast Beach Hunt Opportunity

    If you live near the east coast of Florida, you have a rare opportunity of searching for Spanish Treasure after hurricane Matthew.
  8. New member

    Hi I'm new to treasure net. I have done some metal detecting before but not much treasure hunting. I live near Hot Springs, AR and I'm wanting to look for some Spanish treasure, Jesse James, and KGC stuff. If anybody has any advice on where to do my research or any info you want to share I would...