stone artifacts

  1. How about these? 🤔

    Here's four more that I'd appreciate any input you have. Two of them I'm confident are the real deal, but have been wrong before. Not sure what he round stone would've been used for but was part of what my grandpa had set aside, so I included it. As always thank you to those helping me out...
  2. Familiar with Double Mountain Fork-Brazos River area?

    I have an excursion planned for Kent County, The Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos. Anyone familiar with that region? Would appreciate any help.
  3. Effigy or just a rock

    Was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this. I found it in Southern Kentucky near the confluence of two creeks along the bank of the larger creek a few yards from where I found a flint spear point. The type of stone and color it is made out of is unlike anything else in the area...
  4. Native American artifacts from Oklahoma, but what are they?

    Estate sale finds. The largest is 7 3/4" long and extremely heavy. Second picture is possibly a hammer stone? It is 6 1/2" long. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. ancient stone tools or natural formations ???

    Good morning !! I'm hoping to get some opinions on these items. I love all things flint (arrowheads, blades), but my favorites are the stone tools, implements, and problematic pieces. They are all from Northwest Arkansas. The issue with tools is that fine line between worked stone, and...
  6. Pictish Artifact!!

    I believe what I have here is a pictish pebble made from quartz. There have been 19 similar stones found in the last 90 years and I believe all of them have been found in Europe. This one was found last year in the northeast United States. The picture with the multiple stones is from Painted...
  7. New England points & tools:

    These pieces were found recently in the CT. river valley region... 6 pieces made up of 4 points in which 2 are incomplete and 2 are whole, and 2 scrapers. The materials are sugar quartz, flint of some kind and crystal quartz. The point types are a little tricky for me to absolute sure except for...