1. Shapeshifter Stone - no. 1

    Shapeshifter Stone - no. 1

    Shapeshifter Stone - no. 1
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying these rocks please

    Please help me identify these rocks
  3. Possibly nephrite jade?

    Is this Possibly nephrite jade? Anytime i see green stones something jumps for joy inside of me lol. could this be nephrite? Any information would be appreciated.
  4. Garnet find!

    I found this loose nugget of garnet in nor-cal. light can penetrate it but not to the center. I am unsure if its pyrope or almandine but it weighs 40.69 grams 203.60 carats I've never found something so awesome to me not only that, but its my birthstone lol
  5. Found this at a river

    I was at the river looking at stones and came across this blue rock that was shimmering from tiny orange-ish gems around it. any information would be most delightful as ive look all over the net with no luck.
  6. Wierd rock or fossil

    I Found this on the beach in halfmoon Bay, California and I dont seem to find anything online as to what it is...Any Ideas. ??
  7. Grandfather had a rock collection. Need help with ID of these 20 rocks

    My grandfather died before I was born so not sure how or where these were obtained. At one point they were labeled. This is only a fraction of the collection, but what I am most curious about. Thought maybe 14 was Rose quartz, and 19 was tumbled Amethyst but I'm not sure. Thank you, any IDs much...
  8. Any good marbles?

    Found these marbles and just wondered if any of them were valuable or just run of the mill dime store variety. I noticed some that are irregular shaped and some reflect with the flash. Thanks

    Hello, dear friends of the forum I need help for this research in a very promising area to find. Thanks in advance for your friends.
  10. Curious stones and bone?

    Some curious stones and what looks like a large fossilized arm or leg bone I found hunting over the weekend. The fragment that is layered similar to bone is extremely heavy and 6-8 on long by a. Diameter of 1-2 in ( varying in places).
  11. following the coal

    there is a 15 cm width coal north-east to south west and the 6.meter is filled by marked stones and one of them cut like the scissors shape and on that stone there is another stone which both side of it is triangle and the coal is spread on it. Should I keep going back side of it. and what is...
  12. Please help me identify these stones.

    I have found these in the beach sand. From that day on no one is able to help me identify these. In these pictures the stones are 100% dry.

    I have found these stone stamps not a 100% sure if they are real Jade or how old they are. Does anyone know what they are and some more info on them?I would appreciate it.
  14. any idea on what there are?

    I am very interested in finding out the exact name of these types of rocks and gems or whatever they are, I have no idea but I am trying to sale them. Anyone know anything about these stones? All assistance and resource information is greatly appreciated.