strange rock

  1. Please help. Strange characteristics.

    I found this little guy in a parking lot.. its completely clear besides has inclusions in it, and at a certain angle you can see rainbow colors. Also looking at it from the top down it has 4 corners..when you put a light under it it illuminates immensely. Help me identify it.
  2. Really cool rock... I think.

    Hello everybody I live in Arizona and I have a lot of strange rocks. The ones pictured may or may not have been found in Arizona as they were a garage sale find in Phoenix several months ago. I found these and others at a garage sale in a sandwich bag that was stuffed in a flower pot and both...
  3. Try and identify this large unknown cool looking rock type

    Found this large rock along the river on Randall's Island in NYC it stuck out among all the other rocks and I liked the way it looked so I lugged it home, has anyone came across a rock like this anywhere?