1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Strange pebble found in a forest stream in Quebec, Canada

    Hi, I found this black pebble a couple of years ago and it was the only pebble in the zone in wich I found it. Does someone know what it is?
  2. Well, damn. There is gold in that stream after all! Thinking of a plan.

    So, funny thing happened to me this weekend. Collected some magnetite from a backyard stream for my first go at smelting iron. (Just built my first forced air propane crucible furnace.) Used a magnate to pull the magnetite from the stream bed clay. There I was Saturday grinding up a couple of...
  3. What kind of sluice for slow and small creek?

    Hi, I really want to know what is the best kind of sluice I can use for lazy water. All I have is a BGT and most spots aren't strong enough. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  4. Gold Hog Stream Sluice

    So, I finally broke down after watching all of the Gold Hog videos on Youtube. I Purchased the Gold Hog Stream Sluice.. and after only waiting 2 business days, I received it. I love it. I have yet to get it in the river, but what I can tell you is that thing is made to withstand almost any...

    hey guys just a quick question. I have a royal 30" stream sluice box and I went to my local shop today to buy a classifier screen for a 5 gallon bucket. The guy said to just classify to 8 mesh. Is this about right? or should I clasify down smaller? Up here in northern california(Almost in...
  6. River Prospecting

    Just a quick question... When mining in a river, should I dig deeper in the river to get gold or should I stay on top of the surface and move around more?