1. Pump requirements for using 5 inch suction nozzle/jet log to lift 4.5 ft above water

    Hi, I would like to know what the water pump requirements are for using 5 inch Venturi suction pipe and lift the material to a height of 4.5ft to the classifying screens for my sluicebox..
  2. Crack vac

    I plan on getting a Dewalt Dc500 for sucking up material on dry bedrock its small, portable, works on wet and dry surfaces, and can be battery operated. DC500 2 Gallon Cordless/Corded Wet/Dry Vac | DEWALT Tools Is this legal on Clear Creek, Near Redding? I mainly gonna use it for Crevicing...
  3. Hand dredge leather

    Hey anyone on here know how to get/make a leather plunger for a hand dredge? I've been using a rubber ball smushed by a couple of washers and a nut to make the suction in mine but they don't last for very long and I can't always find the right size of ball to put in it. Pretty frustrating I was...