1. Good day. First Spoon

    Glad it didn’t rain today. It’s been two days since my dad offered me another handyman job to help a client/friend named John move into a condo in Alamo Heights. Most of the furniture was really heavy, John had his daughters (both graduated) help in the move. After 3 1/2 hours of labor I spot...
  2. ✅ SOLVED What was this Tag used for?

    This Aluminum Tag was recovered in Petal, Mississippi on the afternoon of October 8th, 2018... Any Chance any of you know what it would have been used for?
  3. Goodyear Tag/Plate - Anyone know anything about it?

    I'd like to know what this Goodyear tag was used for and what era it is from if anyone knows. If someone has a picture of one in good shape or if it was on something a picture of it on that item i'd like to see it... This one was found in Petal, Mississippi on 10.03.2017... Thanks Y'all...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Some type of tag?

    I found this this tag at a civil war site, Anyone know what it is or what's it for?
  5. "AR" monogram "New York" "2391" medallion? holed...copper/nickel?

    "AR" monogram "New York" "2391" medallion? holed...copper/nickel? I found this back in 1993 in the yard of a house from around the late 19th century. Is it a key fob from a hotel? Baggage tag? Railroad tag of some sort?:BangHead:It's the size of a half dollar and there is nothing on the...
  6. Quick Recon of a New Site Nets Me a Rare First!

    On a whim I decided to drive by a new site I have been researching. Was a bit seasonable today, so I grabbed my SE Pro and decided to see if there were any choice signals without doing any digging. I flagged a couple better hits with sticks then finally couldn't resist seeing if they were...
  7. Great day with the CTX 17" coil. 22 Weak D?

    Found several coins, tokens, tags, and rings. Have a look. No rare date wheats. 2x1909 (no s or vdb) 1890 seated dime. 1886, 1897, and 1899 Indians. 1922 weak D!