1. White's TDI SL strange behavior

    I don't know what's wrong with the detector? It seems that it won't stabilize even in the mild, South Florida dirt or sand. Moreover, air testing a gold ring with ground balancing off, the gain at the halfway point, and all conductors selected does not sound off regardless of how close the 18...
  2. ❎ SOLD Whites TDI Pulse Scan

    This is the TDI Pulse Scan original version. Comes with 3 lipos and the charger in good working order. Standard tdi coil and the 18 inch coil (forgot the name was sold by a dealer a while ago) which I have used many times at the beach it goes really deep but you gotta go slow. Jimmy Sierra...
  3. 💵 FOR SALE White's Specta V3i + D2 Coil $750

    I am selling this great detector. In fact it is one of White's top high end detectors. The machine is excellent on discriminating which results in quick finds! It is in great working shape. There is a scratch on the screen, but hardly noticeable once the hunting begins. There are some scratches...
  4. Need a Whites TDI 7.5" coil........WTT for maybe.

    Need a White's TDI 7.5" coil........WTT for maybe. I need a 7.5 dual-field coil. Have a couple of NiMH battery packs to trade + cash maybe. Jim