1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Weirdest items ever

    Dug these out at old dump site. This particular area had later dated stuff around 1950-60’s stuff. Not even sure what the claw/teeth things are. Help!!!
  2. Unknown fossilized teeth

    Found this tooth and these other shards of bone or tooth (still not sure) on a river bed in Oklahoma. Can anyone help identify them?
  3. Fossil ???

    Trying to help a friend find out about this item. It was found in a river in Florida. It is about one foot long and about 2 inches in circumference. It was originally one piece but was broken when getting out of the ground. Any ideas as to what this is would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Gold teeth in the low tide

    I found this 23 gram 15k beast this summer in Vancouver. :hello2: So happy to find it. Turns out there is a lot of Paladium in it too but only paid out for gold content unfortunately.
  5. Found some teeth! What mammal ort animal is it from???

  6. Brazos River, Texas - Claws, Teeth, Bones

    These are some of the fossils I've found on the Brazos River. .