thrift store

  1. Silver at Thriftstore!

    Hello folks! It's been a long while since I've posted. Been into thrifting vintage items to re-sell. Found this spoon....does anyone knkw if its silver or silver plated?! It says "Sterling" then AMC and another letter i cant see. On the bowl of the spoon it says Clear Lake which is a poplar...
  2. Silver 'n Gold finds!!!

    Found bits of silver and one little 14k earring for $2 in total. Question: is this worth selling at a pon shop? I know it's really small amount but if I build it up should I sell there? No one will buy mismatch earrings...maybe some like the clasp could be sold to jewelry makers. What do you think?
  3. Is this .25 cent rock RED LAVA???

    Hello. I found this rock at a thrift shop. It looks like it might be lava rock. (Sorry for the bad photos... the color looks like the darker picture rather than the close ups)
  4. Hard to read potters mark on a spongeware apple

    Hi, I found this apple at a local thrift store and searched all day online trying to find out (with no luck) what brand it is. The apple is not perfectly round but the lid fits fairly well in it. The sides are about 1/8 in (0.3175 cm) thick and the whole piece about 5 in (12.7 cm) tall from...
  5. Goodwill Treasure

    Shaking my head after some lengthy research once again, sometimes I overwhelm myself weighing pros and cons. (I have Asperger's) lol. After a good 30 minutes of digging around the store I was ready to check out a couple things, then decided to take one more look in the "collectible/figurine"...
  6. One of my all time best thrift store finds

    This was the item that really got me into treasure hunting, and especially Goodwill and thrift shops. Back when I first started reselling, I would easily spend an hour or two looking around picking up $1 or $2 items trying to double or triple my money. Talk about SLOW profit earning...