1. ✅ SOLVED Eastlake Doorknob?? Sad iron and w mysterious square stamped tin pieces?

    Eastlake Doorknob. Bullets. Sad iron and mysterious square stamped tin pieces? I was metal detecting on the site of a southern Ohio cabin that dates back to @1850 or earlier (only foundation remains) and found many interesting but unidentifiable artifacts. The doorknob is my favorite. I...
  2. Old solder can

    What you are looking at is an old tin of “the bunker hill company” 50/50 solder and 5lbs of it. The can is still full and sealed. Could not find any information about it on the web or even a picture of it. Just wondering if there may be any value to it, my father gave it to me when he was...
  3. Need help with tin lid

    Previously gilded brass/copper tin lid. 2-1/8" dia., 18g. The fleur di lis might help id what the lid came off of. Possibly old condom or tobacco tin?
  4. Cassiterite? Tin?

    Found these in the desert, the area has a lot of schist, graphite, tin, mica, etc. I was curious as to what these are. Anybody got any ideas? Cassiterite?
  5. Preserving an old mining sign

    Hi all, A friend of mine recently gave me this tin mining sign pictured below. It's aged and it's fresh out of an old mine that was very humid inside at the particular level it came from. I'm wondering how I might be able to preserve it from decaying any longer? Is there any reason I shouldn't...
  6. Vintage Coke Sign!?

    Can anybody give me any information about this Coke sign?
  7. Tin (maybe) screw type cap with embossed eagle??

    Looking for help identifying this...can't find anything close. It's about as round as a quarter.
  8. advice please: old burned cabin with tin roof

    I am detecting around an old log cabin that burned in the 1960s. I know when it burned and it messed up the tin. I had tried it years ago, and could only detect the tin, it was hopeless. I have waited for years for the tin to rot. It has, but it's still giving me fits. Without descrimmination...
  9. Tin toy boats with number game, made in Japan. ID?

    Hallo. I have searched the internet til my fingers were soar and I cant find these boats or anything like them anywhere! Can you help me? The way the numbers on the front of the boar works is that when you push the boat forwards on it's wheels the numbers starts spinning. When the boat stops...
  10. Tin toy id, made in Korea

    Hallo. Well, all I can tell you about this is that it's made in Korea and that it work perfectly. His little feet are attached to the pedals and when you wind it up his little legs starts kicking and the bread delivery bicycle wroooms away. Can anyone tell me anything more about it and if you...
  11. playing card made of tin?

    anyone see something like this? thanks
  12. Unopened Le Soleil Malines tin

    I have an unopened Le Soleil Malines tin in with what I think are peas. According to my late father, is was part of the soldiers' rations in the war, presumably WWII. I cant seem to find any info on the net. Any info on date or price will be appreciated.
  13. Civil War Era Pitcher?

    Can anyone tell me about the history of this type of Tin pitcher? Notice the hand soldering of this piece. I believe the lip area was handmade. Aproximately 3" wide, front to back. 5" tall. I'm not sure where it came from in the U.S., or how old it is. Let me know, if you have any knowledge on...
  14. Marx original toy

    I have an original, pre-WWII Marx mechanical toy, made in a Japanese factory before the war. "Pete the Parrot". Tin base, parts mostly metal and fabric, with plastic on the talons. It's in good shape, tho clearly old ( colors faded on fabrics). It takes batteries to run, though I don't...