1. Tiny D-Tex

    Just wondering if anyone has a schematic for a Tiny D-Tex wire came out of the circuit board or headphone jack I was not paying attention while stripping the wire the detector rolled and wire pulled out. If anyone has a picture of the board both sides and headphone jack that would be great I was...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Has anyone ever found this tiny coin ?

    I found this years back when I was able to metal Detect . Found it in a play ground in the sand . I know it's not that old , but just wonder why they were even made . They are the same as a regular size far as looks on both sides but very tiny . Sorry about such poor pictures . :BangHead:
  3. Show me your tiniest bottles!

    This type of thread has probably been posted before, but I haven't seen anything along these lines for a while. Post a picture of your tiniest bottles!! Here are my smallest, an adorable cold cream jar I picked up at an estate sale and a little cutex bottle with a quarter for size comparison.
  4. Tiny Silver-1904H Newfoundlanf five cents

    This was the first Newfoundland coin I ever found(Lucky me:thumbsup:) The best coin so far in my ever growing collection. It's the smallest Newfoundland coin you can find.