1. LU treasure map, Nazi gold. Continuation.

    Hello again, treasure hunters. I haven't been to this site for a long time for objective reasons. Glad to chat with you treasure hunters again. If you don't mind, I would like to continue. In the previous topic - "Liu's map and connections with the Nazis -2. Continuation of the topic." we...
  2. Largest shipwreck and underwater treasure story news database

    Have a look at the most comprehensive shipwreck news database at Lost Treasures of the Seven Seas in News Feed or else :2barsgold: PRECIOUS OLD NEWS I (July 1932 - June 2005) :2barsgold: PRECIOUS OLD NEWS II (Dec. 2005 - May 2008) :2barsgold: PRECIOUS OLD NEWS I (After May 2008) Enjoy ...
  3. Garnet find!

    I found this loose nugget of garnet in nor-cal. light can penetrate it but not to the center. I am unsure if its pyrope or almandine but it weighs 40.69 grams 203.60 carats I've never found something so awesome to me not only that, but its my birthstone lol
  4. Found 100's of Vintage Treasure Hunting Magazines in house I bought

    Hello all! I am very new to this site but I recently bought a house in St. Louis MO. I found 100's of vintage magazine (multiple publications) in VERY good condition. Do these have any worth to them? They are all organized and seem to be full sets of each year. A lot form the 60's 70's and 80'...
  5. Please help me with this research.

    I need help with these two pictures. I would like to know if there is anything good.
  6. Ebay finds, treasures and deals we've been lucky enough to buy

    I'm sure we've all found our share of deals on Ebay and after reading a recent post by insontis, I figured that other people here might also wish to share their some of their interests with other forum members. ========= Well, I've been on ebay since 1998 and (of course) I have my selection of...
  7. metaldetecting in Hamburg area

    Hey-ho searchers :hello: I'm looking for a buddy somewhere near Hamburg. I'm totally up for expeditions anywhere and anytime. I'm quite experienced (8 years of digging) though new to this forum. Feel free to drop me a line, Best of luck, S.
  8. Discoveries in Hidalgo Mexico

    Hi: Using GPR and VLF team have had good discoveries in Mexico. JeoHunter, and Gemini III, the key is to interpret each of the brands, check and then set using a triangulation .. Radiesthesia was complementary. We use very deep team but if we are not going to dig, is equal to having...