tree carvings

  1. Old Tree Carvings Markers Codes KGC

    I've been sitting on all these old photos for far too long. Pictures taken at least 12 years ago on an old crappy Motorola Razor flip phone. Trees at the cache site have long been destroyed from a tornado that came through. I might have the only photographic evidence that these markers ever...
  2. Hi I'm new here! Looking for some help!

    Hi everyone I'm new here, lately I've been finding lots of things in my yard and I'm hoping someone can help me figure it out!! Thanks :)carved tree? tools? Carved rocks? Just rocks? i am in southwest FL near a creek on a property that has had a home on it since 1930.
  3. Tree carvings on the Trail of Tears

    These trees are located on the Trail of Tears and on the old Cherokee Boundry Line, would love to hear some opinions about their meaning.