1. Carved Markers

    Carved Markers

  2. Carved on top of a mountain

    Hi there! How is it going? Does any one of you have any idea what does the triangle shaped means?
  3. ✅ SOLVED weird rock found in cape Breton (possibly gold)

    i found this rock near my camp in Cape Breton, it has a triangle shape to it. if you look at the close up picture you can kind of see a shiny colour (it doesn't show up that well on camera) it almost looks like gold. there are some small round bumps in the middle. it looks like it used to me...
  4. Our TH site (with pictures)

    Our journey started from the discovery of a heart-shaped rock near a triangle of mounds/lumps. The tip of the heart points to a mound/lump (1 meter in height and 2 meters in diameter) and on the base of the mound/lump is another rock which forms an equilateral triangle (sides=15 inches). The...
  5. Need help with these treasure signs. (Photos included)

    I'm very sorry for the changes I've made in this post.