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  1. Please help....first time

    What this could be part of? HeLP
  2. Curious what this heavy rock is?

    I'm curious what this is as it is very heavy for its size. I'm in the North of the UK. Found near lots of iron type rocks. I would love to know the name of this rock. Thanks. :icon_thumleft: https://imgur.com/a/Ofakqd3
  3. Site found between a pub and Aldi supermarket now hailed as UK's Tutankhamun's tomb.

    After 15 years of expert analysis, some of the artifacts are to go on permanent display for the first time. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/british-version-of-tutankhamun-s-tomb-discovered-behind-aldi-supermarket-a4137706.html
  4. Slag glass or Green obsidian

    Hi everyone, New here, I stumbled across the forum whilst looking to identify some rocks I obtained whilst beach combing. As the subject line suggests, I have narrowed it down to slag glass or green obsidian, although I am no expert so I welcome any suggestions. Hardness test - super hard...
  5. Kangaroos, Scepters and Silver

    In todays box of half dollar coins I found kangaroos, scepters and silver! This photo is shows all of the coins to demonstrate the size compared to Kennedy silver half dollars (which were also found in the box). I found two of the coins as Enders: In more detail, this is what I found...
  6. Roman Detector Artifacts?

    As I live in the US, I can't really detect for Roman/Byzantine artifacts on a daily basis. I'm just curious, what do you guys look for in a seller that specializes in selling artifacts, especially ancient ones? I already bought these online earlier today: Thank you guys for your time, I...