vintage advertising

  1. Vintage ads

    I bought these at an estate sale for $5 for everything pictured, plus a few I'm keeping for myself, help with any ad and what they're worth would be appreciated I've pictured the front and back of each ad, as far as I can tell everything is original
  2. Metal Printing Plate

    Howdy all! I need some help identifying and dating this metal printing plate. I found it out in the woods today. Crazy place to find such a treasure! Anyway, it has the words Ad. 595 FALL FASHION BOOK PICTORIAL REVIEW PATTERNS Dress 1857 45 cents. It has some other words as well and there is an...
  3. Vintage Wendys Table Found. Newspaper Print & Cast Iron.

    Vintage Wendy's Table Found. Newspaper Print & Cast Iron. Good morning everyone. I was doing a bit of cleaning and I found an old table in the basement. Apparently it is an old table from Wendy's back in the 70's? It has very cool old newspaper print around the top of it. I would say it is in...
  4. Found my first Print Plate ! Anyone know this brand?

    Have seen some here a few times in the past, but this is the first advertising print plate for me ! Nearly didn't get this item unearthed it was ten inches down at least ! Too bad its not the whole plate but it is enough to have made my hunt a good one ! First a close up on the brand badge...