1. What is your strangest find?

    Ok, maybe this was a previous thread on this forum or another popular forum. Well I am not sure so here is mine. When hunting along the Chattahoochee River in a popular park along the river I was seeking some more wheat pennies. I had found a few in the woods near the river bank a month...
  2. Any ideas? Voodoo? African? Leather doll

    Any ideas? Approximately 7 inches tall. It appears to be hand stitched and made of some type of leather/hide. Thanks as always!
  3. 3 Carved African Art Figures, Gods? Voodoo?

    Hi there, here's a terrible photograph of three large African carvings I have inherited from an Aunt who lived in South Africa for the majority of her life until she moved back home to the U.K. I have always marvelled at the many artifacts within her collection, but she appears to have given me...