1. ❎ SOLD Tesoro 4-inch search coil "Epsilon" 5-pin style

    I am seeking a Tesoro 5-pin ("Epsilon"-style) 4-inch round concentric search coil, with the 3-foot cord. You see the listing for it (Part #4RC-SW-E) here on the Tesoro Web site: https://www.tesoro.com/product/coils/epsiloncoils.html Since Tesoro has gone out of business, it's no longer possible...
  2. wanted minelab xt series parts

    wanted minelab xt17000 or xt1800 parts,mainly electronics bits and boards
  3. WTV White's V3i

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a secondhand White's V3i. Does anybody have one for sale? Thanks -Josh
  4. 🙋 WANTED Garrett Super Sniper Coil for Ace series

    Howdy pilgrims, I'm looking to purchase a Garrett Super Sniper Coil for Ace series. I'm running a Euroace. I'm in Australia so postage may be cost-prohibitive - still willing to chat though! Cheers, Yehuwdiy

    I was hoping to find a replacement coil for a Minelab X-TERRA 705. My buddy has had some bad luck and needs a replacement coil (kid stepped on it). Money is tight, but if you have something that would work please contact me. thanks, dave
  6. 🙋 WANTED Excalibur 1000 BBS coil for surf hunting

    Old coil cable is frayed, as frequently (or eventually) happens to this model with old age. Would like to find a reputable repair service person on Treasurenet who can replace coil, waterproof epoxy the line in again, or better yet, replace just the cable if possible, and also repair or replace...
  7. 🙋 WANTED Wanted i Buy all Treasure Brian 727.400.1158

  8. 🙋 WANTED looking used 10" concentric coil or 11"DD for fisher f2

    Don't have the extra funds to buy new so just seeing if somebody upgraded recently has any of the larger fisher f2 coils they want to be rid of. lemme know what you have and what you want. :thumbsup: or if you know of a dealer that has them point me in the right direction. Thanks for looking.
  9. 🙋 WANTED War of 1812 artifacts and relics- esp. Mid-Atlantic Region

    Hello! I'm new here, and hoping this is the right place to put this, but I am looking for any War of 1812 artifacts such as buttons, musketballs, crossbelt plates, etc. from the War of 1812, especially if they're from the Maryland/Virginia area. British or American is fine. Thank you!
  10. ❎ SOLD Good deal on Garrett Propointer or Minelab Profind25 or what have you?

    My profind has to go in for repairs...need good deal on new or used pinpointer.
  11. 🙋 WANTED Good used FISHER DD coil for F2.

    Anybody have a good deal on one of these?
  12. Looking to Buy "Birthday Bill" & "Tombstone Bills"

    Looking to Buy "Birthday Bills" & "Tombstone Bills" Hello, I am new to this site. I love it!!! You guys find awesome stuff and the site itself is very informitive!!! Glad to be a part of it!!! I am looking to start a large Collection of Birthday and Tombstone bills. I am having a hard...