white gold


    Men’s 14k white gold. Don’t know the brand. First gold feels like I’m high 😂.
  2. 10k White gold moissanite ring

    10k White gold moissanite ring

    One of my all time best finds up to date. I found it with the Garrett Ace Apex. I submitted it to Garrett and I won one of the monthly Apex finds.
  3. ring jewelry marks

    Can anyone tell me what these marks mean? I think it's white gold or silver at least. Thank you for any help
  4. ✅ SOLVED Possible white gold bracelet, please help.

    I picked this bracelet up at Goodwill for $3. I thought it looked expensive as it is, but then I saw it was marked 14k JMC. It's not magnetic and doesn't seem to be plated; if it is white gold with diamonds it might be worth something, but how much? And what does JMC mean? Can anyone here help me?
  5. Second ever class ring found! Time to find the owner... this one is damaged.

    1992 Auburn High School class ring found. A bit bent and missing the stone...
  6. Finally On The Board

    Hello All, I have finally dug 2 good finds and on the same day. Wow what a feeling. My first great find is an AU 10K Turkey White Gold bracelet coming in at 3 grams and hitting at 47 VDI. My second find is a 925 Italy Silver charm bracelet coming in at 9 grams and hitting at 88/89 VDI on my AT...