world war 2

  1. WW2 ID

    Does anyone know what this is? I'm 99% sure it's from World War 2. I found it at sandbridge beach Virginia (in VA beach). P.S. It's made of copper if you didn't already figure it out. (Not sure why my pics are sideways.)
  2. WW2 Eastern Front German Relics

    Hello dear community, it has been some time since I posted something and because in this period I have some free time and I can go back on the hills I want to share with you some of my WW2 relics found via Metal Detecting in Europe. And if you have the time and pleasure you can also watch the...
  3. World War Trench Art (Europe)

    Hello to everyone !!!! New video Detection zone was an area where the Russian army camped (red army ) And some photos
  4. Forgotten and abandoned WWII airfield.

    Near Rio Verde, Arizona (Northern Scottsdale) I was told about and visited an old airfield from WWII. The area shows signs of people, but there's no evidence that anyone has quite connected the dots (long flat surface...airfield?). It spans about 1300 feet long and 200+ feet wide. Grass has just...
  5. Metal Tiger World War II Henry ID

    Recently acquired this metal tiger with Henry 1940-41 signed on the bottom and can't seem to find anything about the artist. Item is heavy but not sure what it is made of. Magnet does not stick to it. Would appreciate any help with information on the artist etc. Thanks