world war one

  1. 1917 Croix de Guerre - WWI French Medal for Bravery

    Was bottle hunting today in my 1924-capped landfill when I found a 1917 French Croix de Guerre. It is 106 years old and has been buried for at least 99 of those years. In situ: It was in one of my spoil heaps and had been washed out by the recent rains. This find substantiates the stories...
  2. Real or Fake: World War One Iron Cross Second Class

    Hello, I am a new member and have received an Iron Cross 2nd class for Christmas. I was told by the store owner that he does not sell reproductions. It looks like an original to me but I don’t know much about these items and would like a second opinion. I’ve identified the makers stamp as a...
  3. Help!! Need help with a Ww1 helmet symbol!!

    This ww1 helmet has a lance corporal insignia on it but i dont know if it is genuine to ww1. Please help
  4. World War Trench Art (Europe)

    Hello to everyone !!!! New video Detection zone was an area where the Russian army camped (red army ) And some photos
  5. Dumpster Gives Up Some Relics!

    A garage was being torn down in my area and all the contents was being thrown in a big dumpster. It looked mostly like broken wood and old rugs but I always see treasure when I see a dumpster so I couldn't resist. I asked the workers if I could dig around through the stuff and they said I could...
  6. Information on Military Helmet

    A few years ago I was in my attic and i happened upon this helmet Im not looking for anything specific, but I would appreciate any information that can be given on this helmet! Thanks!