ww2 relics

  1. Rare WW2 Artillery Shell Casing

    This is a WW2 all brass, 3" Mark ii M2 artillery shell casing dated 1944. I can't find another anywhere on the web that matches. I paid $20 for it with intentions to sell but unless it is worth quit a bit i believe i'll hang on to it. Opinions on value?
  2. 1944 3” Mark ii M2 (army) artillery shell casing

    I bought this brass casing that had been sold at a scrap yard. Any help on the value would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Victory Stamps

    Found these in a shoebox when I was cleaning out an old apartment in a retirement complex yesterday. 2 of the ration books have a full set of stamps. WW2 Ration stamps Old checks
  4. Possible WW2 Medal

    I found this item in a park in Australia that used to be a training camp for WW2 soldiers. I have found a lot of stuff relating to WW2 in the area from bullets to buttons to badges. It may not be military but given where I found it I figure it could be. Its made of lead with what I think is...
  5. Metal detecting ww2 hurtgenwald.

    while metal detecting in the hurtgenwald in germany i found this leather piece next to a US crossed rifles button, is there anyone who can identify this?
  6. WW2 Nazi lighter question

    Hey everybody, I'm needing some advice. I was lucky to purchase several ww2 lighters. They have the eagle and swastika on the bottom and around 70 years old. They have never been used. I sold a couple on eBay until they told me they canceled my listing because it is against their policy due to...
  7. 12 Real Guns we found in last two years

    Our SUPER GUN COMPILATION! Guns we found in last two years. Enjoy ;)
  8. Metal Detecting WW2 Relics Germany

    I recently had an opportunity to do some metal detecting in east Germany along the border to Poland. Garrett Ace 150