Abandoned House Finds


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Nov 17, 2009
New Zealand
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Went cruising through Oklahoma-trying to find a ghost town called Reeding- no luck but my husband and I did run into an old abandoned house. It had a really old stove with pots and pans- books-chairs etc-it literally looked like someone just up and left or died and had no relatives. We went to the back shed and found some glass coka cola bottles that were gallon sized. Also we weren't sure what this object was but it was round and stood on 3 feet, had a small faucet and a ventilated lid, it said "New World Standard Series". Anyone know what this could be? We wanted to see more because it was a landmine of stuff but between the rats and spiders we decided we would come back.
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I'm wondering... Did you have permission to go into the house?

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