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Feb 28, 2021
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Hi! First post, here. I live in a certain location in Mexico. It's fairly remote, and life would have been extremely difficult, back in those days, insofar as fresh water, so the Spanish didn't spend a whole lot of time hanging out here. I do, however, have what appears to be a Jesuit symbol, kind of like a check mark. I have a large stone like a hexagram, lots of all-seeing eyes, a pattern of stones that looks like a pentagram, an equalateral cross with a circle around it, a giant figure 8, a whole bunch of petroglyphs of suns setting, or maybe rising, behind or in front of hills (how can you tell rising or setting??), a bunch of turtles, and a bunch of petroglyphs and paintings of oroboruses (orobori? snakes eating their own tails) , plus a couple of carvings of a turtle on top of a giant snake, or a 4-legged animal with a turtle on top. Cartel seems to have already figured out some spots, but not all. I suspect they aren't all that into late-medeval European esoteric sybology, so I have that going for me. There are so many tunnel, or possibly abandoned mine, entrances, that i suspect many must be false. Is that a thing, at all? Fake tunnel entrances? There seem to be a lot of *extremely* ancient ruins, although you won't find a single word about such, in this town, online. Real estate is fetching increasingly fancy prices, and the ruins are so old that theyre difficult to ascertain for even an experienced visitor of such places. But they are most certainly there, and monolithic, and magnificent. There are local legends about pirates, as well. I figured those were for the tourists, until i started doing a bunch of backcountry camping and hiking, and started seeing these European symbols everywhere. Any thoughts about what I might be looking for, where (under which symbol(s) I should dig first, and what kind of metal detector I need? I'm a total newcomer to this sort of thing, obviously, but I seem to have chanced upon a vast swathe of extraordinary opportunities. This town is not exactly a mecca for scientists, or lovers of the arts and culture. Plenty of people must know about it--it's visible everywhere, once you know to look, on every hill and mountain in this part of the state, practically--but it's been kept a secret, possibly to avoid delays in building new developments, and possibly to avoid getting the word out to other treasure-seekers. I dont mind a bit of a payday, but i would report anything of historical value or importance to the authorities as a matter of course, such things being, in my view, the property of all humankind. Police (all not necessarily entirely honest) are often stationed 24/7 in their trucks at the bottom of many of the hills and mountains bearing the symbols i have mentioned, though not all. There is one hill, in particular, with many petroglyphs, stone arches, snakes, and turtles, which is shaped like a perfect pyramid. I climbed this hill first, because of its oddly perfect shape, and that's when i first noticed the carvings and paintings that I eventually recognized on many of the hills and mountains in the region. One side of it, bearing many paintings, and the Jesuit check mark is not guarded. Should I start there, or should i start at the figure 8, or the pentagram?

The area is said to have been occupied since the Younger Dryas period. There are many utterly stupendous ruins with a building style that reminds one of ruins in Peru--giant stones cut in a way so that each block is unique. They are so old that they quite fade into the background and appear as natural stone outcroppings. It is only because I studied Geology at a decent university, and because I have traveled a great deal and sought out extremely ancient ruins that I happened to recognize them for what they are. I certainly never expected to find such here. Any advice much appreciated. Responses questioning my judgement are a waste of your time and mine. I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology, with minors in the Classics and Philosophy, from an excellent school, and have traveled through or lived in almost 40 countries outside of my native land. I've been studying what I have discussed here for many months and have used scientific methodology to eliminate other possibilities. I am dealing with several eras of history layered over ruins which are as old, or older, than similar I've seen in Italy or Greece, those being the most ancient those counties have available to visit. Carvings in granite are only just visible once one knows to look, so trolls, please, spare me. I know how it looks to show up as a newcomer on this site with such a find but it is, more incredibly to me than to anyone, entirely real, and I would greatly appreciate it if remarks were kept to advice as to where and how to search. Thank you very much for your time. Serious interest in partnership by experienced, funded individuals, willing to agree to legally binding contracts on behalf of myself and the country of Mexico gladly considered. Namaste, and may you and your be blessed with all that is good.
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