Benson Train Robbery


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Apr 8, 2015
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The cave part is from local talk. (and some local findings a few years ago.)

The basic story is that, after the robbers left the ranch, they held up in a cave up by Dos Cabezas or east of there in the Chiricahua's.

In 1918, some prospectors came across a cave, named Lions Cave, and, after poking around inside, found an old saddle, old cans, etc - signs of an extended stay. It was called Lion's Cave, because a guy who used to hunt mountain lions used the cave while on hunts.
But the articles did not belong to him.(the hunter).

It is thought, locally, that the saddle, etc., may have been a place one of the robbers held up in for awhile, which is why they were not caught together. (Joe George ended up stabbed to death in Mexico and Grant Wheeler shot himself in Colorado after being cornered). But, the money was never found, and between them, they didn't have $20 on them.

The two were very popular among the local ranchers, but they were also both bumbling thieves. They screwed several of their "heists".

One actually worked for the rancher on the Riggs Ranch (which borders our Arizona property), and they both worked wrangling and as cowboys between their crime careers.

Apparently, the prospector who found the cave, did not find the coins.


You have a great inside perspective on this story. Cool!

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