🙋 WANTED connecting rod/Piston for Gast pca-10/Keene 263


Mar 7, 2015
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While rebuilding my hookah rig I managed to break the bit of one of my connecting rods that holds the large main bearing in place. I feel exceptionally stupid at this point and I am wondering if someone has a crappy old pump, or the piece I need that they would like to sell. I figured I would see if i could save myself the 5-600 on buying a new pump. PM me with a price and shipping, I can do transfer via paypal, or if you are near me we can work something out. Thank you very much

I've sent them an email before with no luck, and the places I've found the piston assembly for sale it was over 200, at that point I would buy a new pump and keep the old one for parts, but thank you for the reply.


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