Digging for Hidden Money .... Lehigh County ?


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Mar 18, 2023
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Started my hunt for Devil's Cave looking for Devil's Cave Trail, the road I read was built on top of where the cave was blasted and buried. IMHO, Devil's Cave Trail is not the location of the former cave. It's up hill more than a mile from Bushkill Creek which is where the cave was located.


I continued toward Easton and 13th Street and couldn't make heads or tails of where the cave would have been. I doubled back toward Forks Township and stopped at a parking area on the bank of the creek. I took some pictures looking toward in the direction of where I think the cave may have been. I had forgotten that I may have been able to turn onto 13th Street and doubled back toward the creek. I'll have to try that later.


On the way back I turned onto Bushkill Park Road and headed on to see if the Ethel Inn building was still standing. Just across from Bushkill Park, in the back of the park if heading toward Tatamy from Palmer Township along the Bushkill Creek, stands a restaurant. Could it be the the Old Ethel Inn?
Only other buildings in the area are houses. Of course, one of those could have been Ethel's place. The place pictured just struck me as a likely candidate from the description in the article.

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Dec 19, 2003
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OOPS Just Found your Comment ! & Pics :coffee2:

If the Cars that Crashed there Fell into the Creek
The Spot at a Curve That is Closest to the Creek Would In my opinion be a Place to Start.
Even if the Cave is Destroyed The Whole area Around has potential From Weiner Roasts Etc.

& yes that Could be Ethel's. looks like it's been Expanded Left and Right over the Years. One way to Find out Stop in,
Have a Burger & Yuengling/soda/coffee & ask . :thumbsup:
if it is, Area Behind, and across the street If Accessible may Be worthwhile

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